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He gets to Orihime, only for her to be pulled out of his reach once again. They're mutual friends of Tatsuki Arisawa. After using the same ability on everyone Ichigo knew, Ichigo decides to kill Tsukishima, only to be stopped by Orihime. Ichigo and Rukia the Soul Reaper who gave him his powers arrived in time to stop the Hollow, revealing it to be the corrupted soul of Orihime's dead brother. A year later, Orihime is attacked by a new enemy known as Tsukishima. More information on Ichigo can be found on the Heroes Wiki.

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Ichigo Kurosaki

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Sometime later, a swarm of Hollows invaded their town, leaving Ichigo in a difficult place as all of his friends and loved ones were at risk of being killed by them.

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When Orihime and Tatsuki were attacked by a Hollow, Orihime revealed her own latent spiritual powers and defeated it. He gets to Orihime, only for her to be pulled out of his reach once again. Isshin Kurosaki after he was severely injured in a accident, and he died in front of Orihime and the Kurosaki family. It's later mentioned that Ichigo and Orihime met very tragically: she dragged her older brother Sora to the clinic owned by Ichigo's father Dr.

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