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Once they are revved up and ready to go, the huge dude attempts to slide his hard rod into his girls lovely ass. Embed this content in your HTML. After having some party games, the truth or dare game became a dare game, and if you play a dare game with a bunch of hot, horny chicks, well then, only good things are gonna happen, which it did. This is one birthday party he will never forget. Well, that was silly fun n games compared to the pajama party thrown by these freaks from this college. At first he looks like hes mad nervous about two hot chicks wanting him, and wearing a cast on his left arm did not help his confidence, but once both of the girls got on top of him, his attitude totally changed from shy to horny as hell.. But when these college students from California think of art projects they go a few steps beyond normal settings.

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College Dorm Tube

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Where were these girls when I was in college I ask you.

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To celebrate Cinco De Mayo, the boys and girls involved got themselves decked out in traditional Mexican regalia colorful sombreros and ponchos, maracas in one hand, big ass margaritas in the other and got the party started in style. The night was saved at the end when two of the hottest girls got a little horny and decided to have a threesome with one dude that was sober enough. When they got back to the dorm room, Eva began playing with the vibrator. They took showers to get that stickiness off.

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