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Sorry, but I don't see the dilemma here. NO, I didn't read the post very well I guess. She would like to be able to walk from our room.. Once at the pools or the beach, any bikini bottom, no matter how skimpy or revealing will do the trick. I thought she just wanted to walk around in a thong, which you can do at either resort.

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Are there any hotels that treat this just as if you were wearing normal clothes?

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Thongs and Topless - Cancun Forum

However, she would not be allowed to walk out the room and throughout the premises topless there either. She would like to be able to walk from our room.. We are both from Indiana, so its freezing here now. However, she will have to wear some kind of top from the room door to the pools and beach area, even if it is a tiny sheer Malibu Strings or Wicked Weasel bikini top.

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