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O'Denat, 38, said the sensibility of the "urban media" site and what gets picked to be featured on the home page each day are a matter of showing users what "really goes on the world. Most people don't understand this is what's going on outside. O'Brien and Carter said they now have specially trained staff that monitors videos such as these. In one fight, a kid really did go to the hospital with a fractured skull. She ends up on the floor after being hit by multiple patrons.

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World Star Hip Hop Provides Home for Fights, Sex and Violence

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Granick said, "I'm not sure why it's controversial.

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It's absurd to ask kids not to focus on violence when the rest of the media is. Everyone's a news reporter going out and saying what's happening in the world," O'Denat said. The incident was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop, and detectives made an arrest in the case four days later.

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