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The Strange r called it the site's " death certificate. Contrary to what some critics said, Tumblr's education campaign wasn't just teenagers talking to one another. Tumblr's unique community was partially an accident of the era it was founded in. But it's been a while since Tumblr was at its height. It was definitely an educational platform.

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DuFort grew up in Michigan, in what she describes as a "highly privileged, sheltered environment.

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How Tumblr Taught Social Justice to a Generation of Teenagers

It was full of extremely specific communities, all full of their own in-jokes and drama, but when users found their niche, they made it their online home. Maybe Tumblr's porn ban isn't the issue; maybe, as some have suggested, the Internet is just changing. At the University of California—Berkeley, where he's a senior, some of his peers experienced "culture shock" as freshmen when they had to learn about societal inequities all at once.

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