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It can be assumed that these pistols are CO2 copies or airsoft replicas, as are all the guns in the shop. Several M16A2 rifles are seen on a rack in the pawn shop. At one point, Smith takes a 3rd gen Glock 17 from a dead thug and points it at Hertz, but Hertz tells him the gun has the same thumb print safety as his Desert Eagle which conveniently fits right in the thumb relief. He mainly uses it during the shootout in the Hammerson factory. They might also be Norinco copies, which don't cost very much either. Smith knocks out one of these shooters with the door of his BMW and then takes a Micro Galil, using it to take out the pursuing vehicle. Smith is prominently seen wielding a pair of two-tone USPs on the film cover, although for whatever reason they have the slide of a Desert Eagle digitally edited onto them.

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Technically these are now the official Ps but on this site we still call them PRs for easier categorization.

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Perhaps the biggest problem, though, is the fact that, without rifling, the bullets wouldn't really go anywhere. Smith Clive Owen also uses one during the skydiving shootout. Karl Hertz Paul Giamatti tries to kill the baby at the playground with a Remington PSS fitted with a HS Precision stock and folding bipod, a heavy stainless barrel, as well as a stainless 3x9 Buschnell scope.

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