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I want you to feel happy, and i don't want you to be depressed. The DVD, the time when he babysat Anais, and the other times when she screamed at him. Gumball remembered the times she yelled at him in the past. No one could ever replace you, Gumball. The hometown of the Watterson family. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. So that is why he will sleep with me tonight, Okay?

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It would be to weird or too strange.

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Censorship of The Amazing World of Gumball

She picked up Gumball, and gently place him on her bed, and tucked the covers over him. At this, Nicole exited the room to tell his husband about what is going on with her and Gumball Three minutes Later Richard was watching "Daisy the Donkey" with Anais, and Nicole patted her husband on the shoulder gently. After Gumball brushed his teeth, he found Nicole in her black bra and her black panties. Why do you think she followed you to school, even though she was meddling.

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  1. Holy shit the subtitles have nothing to do with what they are saying.