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The Latex Babes force Roger into their submarine. Turn-ons include constructing the finest underwater craft in the galaxy, arc-welding, and shopping; turn-offs are Estrosian Sea Slugs , plaque build-up above the gum line, and two-timing janitors. The Babes were so grateful that they went to the Galaxy Galleria to celebrate and took Roger with them. The Latex Babes are beautiful, but potentially deadly human and humanoid women who reside on Estros. Space Quest Omnipedia:Media help. This is a featured article.

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Latex Babes

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Problems listening to the files? Favorite foods are Eelwort Sashimi Replicator and roasted drymouth Gourami Replicator Zondra was extremely angry at Roger for supposedly running out on her. The Babes attempted to torture Roger back at their fortress, but were interrupted by a sea slug attack, which Roger defeated.

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