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On the other hand, Ataru is more savvy and well-versed in Earth customs, but he insists to act as a carefree teen, making Lum doubt his commitment. Retrieved December 19, But by the end, Lum has calmed down considerably and simply holds onto his arm whenever they are walking somewhere. AnimEigo's English dub of the first two episodes of the TV series, Those Obnoxious Aliens , attempted to approximate Lum's "daccha" speech pattern with "icha," which in English means nothing. Lum is very intelligent, but very naive about life on earth, with a worldview comparable to that of a kindergartener. These events have convinced Lum that Ataru is indeed the right man for her.

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Lum Invader

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That day, Lum met Ataru Moroboshi for the first time.

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That day, Lum met Ataru Moroboshi for the first time. Lum is a well known and popular character in Japan, [3] and has been described as "the original Otaku dream girl". Since she considers him to be her husband, she violently electrocutes him whenever he looks at or flirts with another girl or if he insults her or does something to make her unhappy , but always forgives him in the end she electrocutes him less frequently as the series progresses.

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