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By the time the Akumano High arc ended, his care for her has grown even more, admitting that he couldn't bring himself to tell Hilda the truth about their situation, simply because he saw how happy she was when she didn't have her memories. She is brighter and far more kind without the heavy burden to serve and protect her master, not remembering she had spent so many years killing her emotions. However, she finds that he has been shrouding his presence, both annoying and impressing her. Furcas and Lamia to take care of Hilda and Oga's injuries. Kunieda disapproves of Hilda's conclusion and asked if she based that idea off hers. At the beginning of the series, she is openly disapproving of Oga as Beel's parent. This helps him to remember Beel's full name, Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV and tells them that they shouldn't make the Demon Lord's child cry like that.

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Beelzebub (Hildegarde)

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They start to get along with each other after the St.

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Aiba declares that he will win and take Aoi, as after the last battle between the two he had trained very hard. Hilda's emotions turn to anger after Oga states that he will be using the bathroom -- something she interprets is another way of saying that he will fight Furuichi. Lamia then asks her about the tissues that were sent from the Great Demon Lord , which Hilda states are in Furuichi's possession, noting how he has been complaining about them since.

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