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Back when I was 12 I used my camcorder to film sexy scenes on cable TV and would jerk it to stuff like Charmed. Never be one of those people. I think she might be making the move to porn, and moving on from twitch. Are people actually getting off to this 5x5 px pink blob? You throw money at woman who don't respect you in hopes they say your name or smile at you. Twitch takes up to a day or two to react to these kind of clips and ban people.

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I'm completely straight btw.

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Like I feel like streamers with 15k consistent viewers have around 15k subs. Badbunny got banned for this exact thing and hers was shown much less both in parts shown and time, let's see if twitch will actually ban her. Are people actually getting off to this 5x5 px pink blob?

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