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Some good head deserves a reward, and Blake gets it, in the form of a creamy load in his mouth, which soon gets his own hard dick squirting fresh cream! We're unsure why, but young Blake is all lit up with rope lights and turning on a stool, and Trace seems to like it. The bulge is growing and needing some attention, but Blake is more than eager to get his mouth on that thing while we watch him feasting on the delicious tool from Trace's perspective. The boys are already hard and stroking, but we arrive just in time to enjoy some foot wanking as Trace used his soles around Blake's shaft. With Blake sucking on his lover and frotting their cocks together they're soon ready to spew their loads, with a facial from Trace and a stroking spurt from Blake!

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Trace Van De Kamp

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Trace invites us into their private time together, filming everything from his own perspective as the boy sucks and slurps on his swollen cock head, jerking himself off while he feasts on his friend's gorgeous cock.

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Tristan is rewarded for his efforts with a creamy load right into his mouth and he almost chokes on a rogue hair! Try as he might, the Latino twink can't quite get that cum-covered foot all the way to his mouth. Blake is an experienced cock sucker, he knows how to treat another boy's dick just right. With great POV action filmed from Trace's head cam we get to see everything as he pumps his dick into the young guys ass and pulls out to decorate his pucker with spunk!

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