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After that Steven got dressed and ready for the day. This will be a harem, mostly smut but there is plot! Pearl gulped it all down and smiled at him, "It's okay, it was delicious. He stomped around the room, looking under the bed, and behind the curtains, when the protagonist accidentally coughed! Pearl's face went red and she nodded, and started to suck on his dick again, bobbing slowly up and down on the shaft. I can't believe you would just ditch me like that! I'll show you who's a scaredy-cat" Amethyst said, right before she pounced on Steven.

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Amethyst peeked out and then said, "H-hey!

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The Organ Pickler was slowly walking down the hallway with his large boots making the floorboards creak with every step. You're totally a scaredy-cat! Steven had her trapped, but as he was looking down at her, he peered deeply into both of Amethyst's beautiful violet eyes and found himself mesmerized.

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