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Sometimes in order to cope with conflict, one has to wear a sort of armor and those can be so many different kinds. Sometimes I think that is the part of me that is closest to the earth, what makes me feel a kinship with crows and horses, what grounds me. Someone asked me recently if I always knew exactly the picture I was going to shoot before I went, or if I was ever directly influenced by the location. As painful and as horrible as some of them were, I still managed to find that nugget of necessity which happened only because that particular thing had occurred. I have thought about this film nearly every day since watching it.

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I love the way that poem takes you on a slow and continuous wave through many highs and lows.

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In grade school, they sent us who were on Native Rolls into special classes, although I never really understood if it was so that we knew who we were descended from or for integration. I guess you could say this is my own personal version of Where the Wild Things Are. Just in time, the temperatures got a little more tolerable and I ran home and packed a few things and headed out to wait for sunset.

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