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Cole Plante Black and Purple Two-Tone This bold 'do is clipper cut short on one side leaving the opposite side and top longer to achieve an asymmetric look and feel best suited to frame a long Jillian Rose Reed Red This bright red hairdo is blow-waved smooth from root to tip showing off the jagged cut edges. Wearing a pewter-hued satin gown and sparkling diamond earrings, Meagan looked every inch the glamorous movie star, topped Copper Brunette with Dark Blonde Highlights If you're wanting a classic hairstyle with a little edge then this hairstyle is might be the one for you. This hairstyle suits her oval face perfectly and brings the focus to those fabulous This crazy 'do is best suited for Heather Kafka Light Caramel Brunette with Side Swept Bangs and Light Blonde Highlights This fab 'do has combination of short to long layers jagged cut all over to form this alternative style best suited for those with naturally straight hair.

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Cyndi Lauper wowed onlookers at the Grammy Awards with her two-toned mane worn out and shaggy

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Send Us Your Feedback Your suggestions and ideas are important to us. Adam Lambert Black with Green Highlights This high and fancy do is sure to turn heads with its jagged cut ends through the top to achieve maximum texture and making the highlights stand out more. The flamboyant color of this look is enough to turn heads with the crazy mix of tones all

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