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Many years ago, deep under the timeless oceanic waters of Northern Europe, there existed a glorious kingdom of merpeople, ruled over by a dignified and well respected but somewhat feared King. The mermaid princess was delighted and very grateful, especially when the spell caster handed her a human garment to wear—even if it was but a tatty and torn peasant dress. Too scared to leave the castle she now knew as home, the mermaid princess knew this meant certain death. This flower will bloom for precisely one year and then it will wither and die—that is how you will know your time as a human has ended. So they quietly crept along the beach also, some distance behind the mermaid princess, eager to look out for her and keep her safe from harm.

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Even when the sea rose was to lose its last petal, the mermaid princess was now miles away from any ocean, and she knew too well that merpeople could only survive for a brief while when placed out of sea water.

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She had originally hoped to only be transformed for a much shorter duration; three days, perhaps a week. The family that offered her a place to stay treated her as nothing more than a lowly slave. Of all the merpeople, the only one to actively disagree with the King's misanthropic sentiments was his own flesh and blood, his daughter; a mermaid princess.

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