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Employment Job search Work for us Rural and remote Overseas applications Clinical placements and work experience Training and professional development Employment conditions. Chlamydia commonly infects the urethra, but can also occur in the throat, anus and even the eyes. As the STI is killed and immune system cells die off, they sometimes form a discharge at the opening of the vagina. Tertiary syphilis can cause serious problems with nerves, the brain and the large vessels near the heart. If diagnosed and treated for gonorrhoea, it is important to have a follow up visit with a health provider to check that the gonorrhoea has been cleared.

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Emergency contraception View transcript Transcript: Emergency contraception.

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The lining of the fallopian tube contains hair like projections, or cilia, that beat together to gently guide the fertilised egg down the fallopian tube. If your partner is pregnant, remind her that it is very important for all women to be tested for syphilis during pregnancy as an infected woman can pass syphilis onto her unborn baby through the placenta. Having a sexual health check female View transcript Transcript: Having a sexual health check female.

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