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Well, yesterday it happened a bit differently. I think everybody thinks like this yet I see too many comment on EVERY female idol's video who comes out with a sexy concept. Like gg's can never do things the right way according to most comments. They got so much shit for it being waaaaay too sexy. Woman should be not valued any more or less in their carreer because of the way they dress. Then HV comes back with I'm Ill and people whine that they are now too boring.

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Girlgroups being "too sexy" - Slutshaming in KPop

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And today I saw a post on K-Amino about the group "Bambino".

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There were so many complaints about the song. They are dancing totally sexily in this video. I'm so done with the slutshaming and what annoys me as well that when gg's dont do a sexy concept it's 'boring'.

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