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There are no results Check popular searches. I explored plenty of those games as well, and they were not half-bad, but some of them required payment to actually make progress in the game… Other than the shit I have already mentioned, you have a special tab for the forum, where you can discuss different shit with the existing members,. Overall I really liked my stay on yaoihavenreborn. Now, keep in mind that not all manga will be translated to English, some of them are still Japanese translations, but if you do not mind just scrolling through images, I am sure you will have some naughty fun. One of the first things I found interesting here is that they have a special page for the yaoi discord, where you can talk to other people about your favorite manga and all that shit; at least that is what I assume happens, since what else could be going on.

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There are many different categories you will be able to see from the very beginning, and on top, you have some ways of listing the presented manga.

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However, there are only 32 videos for now…. Keep in mind that if you were searching for realistic shit, you will not find that crap here, since all of the yaoi manga are dedicated to 'fantasy' at least in a sense that the characters are drawn and not realistic in many cases. If you have been reading manga as long as I have, you surely know the frustration of waiting for some naughty shit to happen and then it never does.

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  1. I think she is Harper and I guess they go by the name 'Harper and Max'

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