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The miners chose not to mine Blackwood Mountain, so they didn't release the spirit of the wendigo. Jessica is angry at Sam because Mike's death was caused by her and Emily has problems to continue her old life after a year she spent in that horror house. What could possibly go wrong? However, what if that man became the wild beast? Very slight Mike x Sam, Wendigo!

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Perfect Fan Casting for Until Dawn Movie Adaption

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Nine teenagers are now left to try to survive the night, one teenager may bring great help to the others' survival while also surviving alone.

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Will we get to see Hayden Panettieri's naked body?

Written like a screenplay to pay homage to Josh's desire to be a film producer like his father. Oh yeah, and there are monsters trying to kill them all. Where Beth by tmntleojack When Sam blew beth off for hannah, hurting her girlfriend feelings and making her brother mad at her for whats she doing. Despair's End - Josh x Chris by semi-automatic21 Josh and Chris had been friends for almost seven years before everything got confusing.

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  1. name her Aletta Tide or Brigitte Ocean...because she looks like Aletta Ocean's apprentice/sister