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As a result, Candice actually looked kind of jacked, which would be fine except that she's totally not jacked at all. They said her elbow looked wider than her bicep, and that, with her arms fully extended, her fingers would reach down past her knees. To repay her for all her hard work and dedication, the retouchers at Victoria's Secret chopped off her left arm. Back when Victoria's Secret sold polo shirts and popping collars was cool aka the early aughts , Marisa was one of the brand's most popular models. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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The 10 Most Insane Victoria’s Secret Photoshop Fails of All Time

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Facebook page in , a model that looked a lot like Candice poor girl, she's getting all the crazy airbrushing wore a variety of swimsuit bottoms.

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Martha Hunt Shares the Secrets of Her Kick-Ass Boxing Routine

Get non-boring fashion and beauty news directly in your feed. After all, no woman's chest is perfectly symmetrical. Follow Rachel on Twitter and Instagram. When the retouchers at Victoria's Secret got ahold of this photo, they slimmed down the model's waist and hips, per usual, while appearing to leave her shoulders and deltoids in tact.

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