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Nismo: That's the last of it. Mario: reads "Princess Yazoo has been kidnapped by Bowser the pimp. Nismo: reads "Loz kills Dante for Vergil since he's in love with him. Dante: reads "Dante is pregnant and it's Vergil's fault. It's so cute Loz: reads ""Are you a virgin? Link: reads "Link and Loz went to find Sidon and the three fricked. Lucina: Well a friend of mine got me into gay fanfics.

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They accidentally kissed each other.

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Marth: reads "Link and Luigi both killed Daisy and Rosalina. Ike: Guys let's search everywhere for her- Nismo: opens the closet door Found a closet of them. Nismo: reads "Ike, Link, and Luigi went out to find Pico, who is running away from them.

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