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Editor Notes: There is also a game associated with this hentai that can be found with an English translation on HentaiGamers. With an intriguing plot, this hentai does not fall short in the thriller department. This hentai is another classic and though it may have you thinking differently about having eggs for breakfast, who ever thought that a hospital could be raunchy. Out of the blue, the entire building is transported to an alternate dimension and a magic field surrounds it, preventing them from escaping. You should see this yourself, but what I will do is tell you how I feel about it. The story is about an academy where a strange cult is secretly below the surface. Most of the character designs fit their roles, though as the story progresses a few shocking elements emerge.

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10 HENTAI You Should Watch For The Plot

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The animation quality is a bit lacking and the main reason why it ranks at 10, but all other factors were considered which permits it to remain on this list.

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This is such an old school anime, which can be identified through the art style and the date of release, but the story itself will keep you at the edge of your seat to witness the tentacle rape. While the animation is average and the art style is an older type, it makes up for it with its outrageous and funny storyline. Miko and her sidekick are on a quest to defeat the Shikima Lord, her father. I need to know what makes them hot and heavy.

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