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Her flight speed approaches supersonic levels and her energy blasts can melt through bank vaults. Jamie Blair grew up in the suburbs outside of Freedom City and spent her youth reading comics, dreaming of one day becoming a superhero. Jamie likes righting her name on posters and photos for fans. With a kiss that held both the tenderness of a mother and the passion of a lover, the goddess shared a part of her divine essence with the wounded Jamie Blair. This gave the mayor and the rest of the hostages a chance to escape from the museum before Clint detonated the bombs. The jamming device also does not affect older film cameras but few people carry such devices in this day and age.

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The Phantom Futa

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Seeing no other option The Purple Phantom was forced to comply and reveal herself to the public.

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Jamie was born with a dick. The other theory is that Jamie survived and that she's the new Purple Phantom Futa. There's a pool in the back of the light house.

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