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Thank you for suffering for your art Eric, we really appreciate it! Was an amazing learning experience but a whole lot of hard work! So why are heterosexual woman drooling over big butts? Is anyone else patiently waiting for more Peaky Blinders? It isn't always about the Johnson you know!

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51 Best Man Butts

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It's the Calvin Klein ad we didn't know we needed.

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So it's no wonder Alex Pettyfer was cast was Adam, a young stripper that Channing Tatum's character takes under his wing. What would a list of the best butts in the world be without an appearance from Jamie Dornan? Fans of the show lost their minds when they got a glimpse of Richard's 'credentials' during his steamy sex scene with co-star Keely Hawes in episode 3.

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  1. I don't know about that. Ava is on another level than most. Ava has done stuff I doubt Alura would do.,

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