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When I was growing up in Rhode Island, I felt like I was literally the only girl in the school with curly, kinky hair. There are not a lot of us, so instead of trying to hide, open up. But by the time I was in kindergarten, I was a strawberry blonde. So I no longer try to straighten and iron my hair. I think that is standard, unfortunately, for most actresses because someone has an ideal of what beauty looks like.

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Debra Messing loves her curly hair — even though she once looked 'like a poodle'

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There are not a lot of us, so instead of trying to hide, open up.

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How Debra Messing's Small Boobs Became the Longest-Running Gag on 'Will & Grace'

Maxx's " The Maxx You Project ," an online community and series of workshops that aims to connect women with one another and encourage individuality. As I got older it became more auburn. For the longest time, I just felt like it made me stand out too much and that everyone else had silky, straight, flowing hair.

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  1. A woman who understands her place in this world