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The collars kind of cover her necklace with a pink design. She cares a lot for her friends and can be usually seen with a small laptop, which is used to analyze the beyblade from afar and create simulations of a Beybattle. She is in many ways the Metal Saga counterpart to Kenny but also Hilary in some ways. In her workshop, she is as busy as a bee, fixing a lot of beyblades especially Gingka's, Benkei's, Kenta's and Kyoya's. This makes her useful in many ways. She wears a burnt yellow jacket that stops before even reaching her wrist, on which she wears pink bracelets. She acts as a leader of the team as is evident when she once decides to disband the team.

beyblade madoka beyblade madoka

Madoka Amano

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Instead, she helps the team to repair their Beys and also tells team Gan Gan Galaxy about other teams' Beys.

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Character Profile: Madoka Amano

She has a touch-screen laptop which she uses to analyze beys and she uses a stylus as a substitute for a mouse. She cheers all her friends during the Battle Bladers and helps them fix their beyblades. It seems to be a generic Mad Gasher F.

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