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These words are reserved for situations where I feel there is an emergency. I should remind myself that Sir is the only person I should ever obey. I threatened to quit the other day when I was having an argument with Sir. I need to work on being less disagreeable in general. If something is making me feel bad, I should find ways to communicate with Sir so we can work on the specific problem at hand. I should stop thinking in black and white. Sir thinks that I should used safe words more often than not, at least for now.

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I made some tea for Sir, gave him a massage, ran him a bath, and read for him.

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I also need a constant reminder that Sir is my master. I should have said the safe word right away. I was three minutes late because I lost my cell phone and had trouble locating a public phone. I should only mention this as a last resort, if multiple things we have been working on for a very long time are simply not working anymore.

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