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Added a Section on other resources. On playthroughs where you have a lot of money Blood Bank Abuse , this can be an easy way of doing large amounts of damage if you don't spend much. This isn't the most fun thing to do in BoI, but it's extremely practical. Note that both apply for all characters and is an important thing to keep in mind for general gameplay. Given certain conditions, and a bit of luck, The Devil will open a room into a "Devil Room" after killing the floor's boss or only the second one on an XL floor. Maggy's playstyle is intended to be defensive and careful: her stats and Default Item - the Yum Heart - play into this.

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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth - Magdalene trophy

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Maggy starts off with the most health of any character in the game with a resounding four hearts.

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While the exact speed you should get your character up to is ultimately a matter of preference, you are also horribly controlled by sheer luck. For this reason, You cannot unlock Magdalene while playing as???. This does significant damage. For this reason, Maggy is a good character to use for learning the game with: her regenerative ability and large health make her friendlier and more forgiving to newer players.

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