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I keep this in my bedside cabinet and if I ever need to re-spray not often as he cums so quickly when I use my best dick sucking moves , then it is really easy to just lean over and spray it into my mouth. You just apply a few sprays to the back of your throat and after a few moments you will feel your throat start to numb, this lasts around 10 minutes and allows you to really go to town on his dick without worrying about the gagging. I do enjoy like you guys do, I feed off off of them I guess. This is my favorite flavored lube list. Apply plenty of water-based lube and slip this bad boy in when your partner is ready and just watch the incredible orgasms that follow. Take as much of it as you can into your mouth, use being able to deepthroat to your advantage. Just like with sucking a big dick, you can read my article on how to suck a big dick here there are tips and tricks and things you can do to enhance your blowjob techniques on someone with a lesser than average dick.

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How To Suck A Small Dick

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If you do suffer from a terrible gag reflex , regardless of the size of his penis I really recommend using some deep throat spray.

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Every man I have ever tried a butt plug on is so disappointed that they have never tried it sooner. Sign me up for the private newsletter! Your email address will not be published. You may find he hates deepthroating or ball play, see how you can please him so you can give him the best blowjob of his existence.

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