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The sexual actors and actresses all do a great job with the sex scenes as well. The rest of the extras are contained on the second disc. There is a minute cast table read. Viewers who think that the adult movie industry doesn't make anything worth watching anymore will definitely want to see this title. Will Ryder has done a great job with the background actors for the movie as well, an aspect he should be praised for since often this is a neglected aspect of adult movies. Ryan serves Jennifer with divorce papers because he has fallen for Mandy Adriana Chechik , a model, and during the separation process Jennifer finds out about Ryan's many affairs and his hidden porn company Bad Babes Inc. Don't let the generic sounding title Bad Babes Inc.

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Bad Babes Inc.

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The only extra on the first disc is the minute story-only version of Bad Babes Inc.

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Full Cast & Crew

The video presentation looks beautiful with no blemishes and a beautiful depth to the color. Even without the sex, Bad Babes Inc. The audio for the movie sounds great. Instead of feeling shoehorned into the production, as sex scenes often do in modern features, Will Ryder has written the story so there is a nice flow and continuity with the sex scenes and the non-sexual portions of the movie.

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