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We could have done an entire gallery of Sonic tributes but I didn't want to get too morbid. What possible downside would there be to doing this? The sexual relationship between Sonic and Shadow is one that is explored across myriad pieces of art. Sonic Urinals Okay, we're stepping into the dark world now. Religious Sonic fan art is another rich vein of weirdness. Sure, let's draw Knuckles, Sonic and Tails as condoms. Here's another religious tableau featuring Sonic nailed to a cross like Jesus in front of an approving audience of Link and Pikachu.

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20 Years Ago, 'The Sims' Turned A Hardcore Franchise Into A Casual Hit

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What really makes this difficult to deal with is the contrast between their expressions - Amy's cheerful acceptance of death juxtaposed with Sonic's creeping fear.

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The idea of a suicide pact between Amy Rose and Sonic is something that we'd never even thought to consider. One of the things you'll notice right away is that Sonic fans love to blend the blue hedgehog with all kinds of other fetishes. Chili Dogs It's probably fair to say that at least some bad Sonic fan art is made ironically, as a joke.

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