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In any case, dreaming or not its been some time since I've released anything Zelda wise. What you did was what you thought was for the best. Sadly for the Princess, she couldn't get her to work for her full time as the girl had other duties that couldn't be ignored. Anyways, Her head sorceress for whatever reason, either requested or a gift, made this magical bra. All suggestion are welcome, and if you review this I'll give you a cookie. Link soon found himself, with just more then his hands full for the rest of that evening. Damn I'm feeling hot right now, thought the both of them.

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Breasts of the Wild

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Link let the Princess drag his other hand down her body knowing where it was going, but the Hero was quickly in for a BIG surprise once it had reached its goal.

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Legend Of Zelda Boob Cake

That was another story No, its in this story! Probably ran into her on the way up, she nodded to herself, and knowing her she'll try to convince him again that his actions tonight won't be a good idea. Timeline: Post OoT Another uneventful day had passed within the lands of Hyrule as the golden glode in the sky disappeared in the west, east, whatever.

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