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But when she started watching Katie Price's reality show with her mother, everything changed for her too. Her daughter added: 'We look the way we want to look now. Georgina admitted she understands her daughter's desire for surgery because she too wants to further enhance her body. Georgina added: 'I didn't mind that Kayla had a sugar daddy. Paying up: Kayla has also said she will treat younger sister Amber, 19, to a boob job if she wants one. Before: Georgina and Kayla are pictured here in before having any surgery.

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Kayla and I can't wait for our double boob-jobs later this year and we want bigger bums and bigger lips too.

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We want to have bigger boobs, bigger bums and look even more like Barbies. When Langsford asked the young woman's mother why she encouraged her daughter, despite the risks of surgery and her daughter's worsening back pain, Georgina replied: 'She's just so determined. The pair expressed amazement at his statement, but Eamonn continued: 'People think they almost look painful. Newlywed, 32, discovers she has Huntington's disease after deciding to be tested before starting a family

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  1. who greets their family with "hey stepsister, how are you?" WTF?! WE GET IT!!!