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After taking an extended hiatus, Justin Bieber is finally back on the music scene with the long-awaited follow up to his project Purpose. Who said that you were drinking with pills? In any case, read on to see how stars feel about showing off their bodies — maybe you can relate to that awkward feeling, too. Actors and actresses have long talked about how the process of making a sex scene look hot on screen is decidedly not hot at all. It's a complex negotiation of weird costumes and props designed to hide certain body parts and choreography that is the opposite of sexy. The following stars refuse to do nude scenes for a variety of reasons: they have kids and feel it is inappropriate as a parent, they don't like the aesthetics of nude scenes, or they just simply don't feel comfortable with baring it all on set. Their characters may more or less be enemies on Euphoria they both have pretty complicated relationships with the same girl but fans are shipping Zendaya.

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It's enough to turn anyone off from doing these scenes.

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And indeed, many actors and actresses have opted to pass. The Oscars are, like, Games Of Thrones-level when it comes to protecting spoilers, which is why movie-goers were shocked on Monday when it appeared the off. Nude scenes in movies or television is a thing.

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