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Ava and Delia did something similar with the red Oni, circling her from above, raining needle feathers down to make sure her attention was always on them, and swooping down for quick, powerful cuts with their talons. They were quite intelligent, but their large size and powerful bodies had made many humans fear them. At the bottom of it, they could see a cave that undoubtedly contained the Ushi-Oni spreading the corrupted energy in the rocky terrain. Guarding the cave entrance there were a series of corrupted mamono, the 'bruisers' as the Cupid had referred to them. Cassandra and her group switched back and forth between the Oni only frequently, unable to do much more than chip away at them and avoid getting hit.

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Monster Girl Office: Erotic Mini-Giantess Vore Stories

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He'd need a direct hit to her neck to even incapacitate her, and by the time she was close enough for him to try, he had to cower under Karrie's brim to avoid being liquified by her fists.

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She was luckily able to find an opening. He hit her with almost every strike, but a combination of her size, natural bulk, and earth elemental energy made it like firing at someone covered in armor. Cassandra had known a pair of them personally, a couple living towards the base of her mountain. Oliver would take the Troll from a distance with Karrie as his shield, and Alysha and Dorrie would stay hidden in the enchanted packs.

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