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When I turned eighteen, I became exactly half her age. Getting up for a refill, I made it a point to turn my back on Mom as I stood so she wouldn't see the growth that had happened during our little talk. I thought about something Sophie had once told me, "Girls check out guys all the time, we're just better at not getting caught doing it. Ashton and Jared were the reason I had gotten shaved, too. Who knew such a day even existed? Although I could see why my friends thought she was hot, she was still my Mom.

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My friends never understood the special relationship we had.

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At six feet, five inches, I definitely qualified as a big guy. Her smirk said she was playing me but her body language made that unclear. We were shopping at Walmart one afternoon after I had started to date one of the cheerleaders. I stood with my back to her and ran to my room.

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