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Emma, the idealist was able to keep the hope all along, had faith that it would work, and was working out of love for her loved ones. Alice was at first suspicious of it, and a bit rude, but eventually she figured out that the caterpillar was just pretty nice and helpful to her. Originally posted by yyh-archive. Have quite a few in my inbox! Now, if we are talking about Roman empires, we should mention that originally the succesor to the Roman Empire was recognised as the Byzantine Empire, which was a very wealthy and important nation for many centuries in Europe.

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A Wild TPN Theorist appears

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These two characters are separate, and often get confused, see the explanation here: The Queen of Hearts was shown to be a quick to anger, passionate person.

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God really seem to show an ocean surface with islands on it…. It makes me so happy and motivated! I also think that his roman name implies an association with the Holy Roman Empire, which btw was an amalgam of nations ruled by a single, elected emperor legitimized by the Pope in Rome as the succesor to the original Roman Empire.

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