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Your email address will not be published. Just like other young Pandaren, he mastered the martial arts, which he and his peers were taught the elders of their community. Pandaren fled, leaving their relatives, another strongman Bo, with which they competed with childhood, brother, and, of course, Li Li — his niece. But Chen did not forget to do is to send letters niece, further stoking the fire in her heart. However, years later, Liu Lan sailed back. He still wrote to his niece Li Li letter, telling her about his travels, but he did not even know that she went after him. Devastated almost all the stocks in the end, each of them found the best beer opponent.

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And it soon became clear that the votes are divided equally between Thunderbrew and lush Porter.

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For Koren also it was given only two votes, one of which was his own. They argued for a long time about this and realized that this dispute will be endless, agreed on competition Brewfest Ironforge. Chen grew up on the island, hoping to see the world.

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