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I feel my underwear go up inside of me. She asks me "are you ready for this? In my dream my sister comes over to me. Nope lover it got taken down awhile ago. My sister is already home because 5th grade get's out one hour earlier than me. I had hatched a plan this previous night on my YouTube channel to some of my viewers and I had asked them if they could comment on my video to do the 2 minute wedgie challenge.

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So she positions herself and says "Ok here we go" and she reaches down the back of my black leggings and she pulls up on my pink waistband and then she sees my floral fabric.

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Hi Everyone, This story will be my second story in my series of stories that I share with all of you guys. I would then turn on my camera and then I would lay down on the ground anxiously await the wedgie I've always wished for. As I'm working I think back to laying down on the rug waiting for the wedgie I've always dreamed of.

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