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This article needs additional citations for verification. The son of Kate and Henry Martin and brother of Joe, he was believed dead when he was a Korean prisoner of war. Leaving Pine Valley for Washington in , he came back after Jesse's return from the dead. Her marriage to Paul Cramer was annulled, and she was married several times to J. The father with Estelle; adopted by Donna of Emily Ann Sago, he left town in but returned for Phoebe's funeral. After collapsing and apparently dying in September when he was poisoned, he returned when his plan to fake his murder backfired.

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She died of a heart attack in

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Killed by Bianca in self-defense, he fathered Miranda Montgomery in an act of rape and was the brother of Zach, uncle of Ethan and the son of Alexander Cambias, Sr. Son of the late Jeremy Hunter and Marissa Rampal and nephew of Tim Dillon, he became depressed after his mother's death. The granddaughter of Erica Kane, she is aged to a high-school student in the series' online reboot.

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