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The first stop they went to is Gombulagombula Jungle. Katsuma starts talking about starring in Roary Scrawl's documentary about Monstro City. Strangeglove, who then kidnaps Zommer. Diavlo and Luvli escape but they get captured by Dr. The film was later released to China and Korea cinemas on 1 February Strangeglove, ordering them to find three items by midnight - fried Oobla Doobla, a Blue Jeeper's tears, and Frosted Rainbow Rox, which together will make the component to hatch the egg.

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Soon, they fight over the egg, and Strangeglove escapes but Mr.

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Poppet fails but Zommer wins by using his body parts. Katsuma falls in an accident, causing the keeper to laugh cry, and Poppet catches the tears by using the bottle. In its place is a holographic kit left by Dr. Snoodle out of the hut and he falls down to his death.

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