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He could feel the freshness and the authentic flavor, this was nothing like taco bell. You loved how he was so interested in your cultural and how he accepted as a part of him now that you were in his life. At the first spoonful, he could not stop smiling and looked at you in adoration. He bit your shoulder gently while you were squeezing the lemon causing some to go on his eyes. He sat in the living room and secretly looked across the couch at times to examine you.

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Mitochondrial Replacement Techniques, the Mexican Case

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You spent a lot of time on it to make no mistakes. Originally posted by wellhell0therenicetomeetyou. Originally posted by shanadiary Jungkook: It was his 22nd birthday and you decided you wanted to make him something more than a seaweed soup. He had examined the recipe quietly in his head.

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