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And it is really hard to hide it when your body is on display in a locker room. Surviving your school's locker room is a part of growing up, and if you have the right attitude, it can even be fun! According to Soard, "for girls especially, locking your locker room locker is probably a good idea. You might also be required to bring your own. Most schools have a zero tolerance policy for bullies and bullying, so if you or a friend gets into trouble with a bully in a locker room, always report it to a teacher or parent immediately. Additionally, the arrangement of the lockers in most high school locker rooms will allow a certain amount of privacy since only so many students will be in a specific area at a time.

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Parents Fume Over Locker Room Cam

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If you have never entered a high school locker room, it can be hard for you to imagine what you should expect from the communal showering down to the changing area and lockers.

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Janitor at Florida high school charged with hiding camera in girls’ locker room

Changing in front of people can make even the most confident of people feel a bit uncomfortable. If you carry a purse, any sort of valuable item such as a cell phone or MP3 player, or money with you to school, then you should lock it away safely in your locker to deter thieves. If you are the bully, then keep in mind that not only is bullying not nice, it can get you in some serious trouble with your school, such as suspension and even expulsion from school.

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