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She turned her face away from him with a shocked smile and delightfully naughty giggle, her left hand came up to shield her eyes. Ginny turned back around close to him. The shampoo bottle flew through the air spinning and pouring out streams of shampoo in swirls before it crashed to the floor and began to leak its contents down the drain. Oh Sweet Merlin, sweet, sweet Merlin. Her downturned eyes were opening slowly, and then they snapped wide. There were no accidents with pumpkin juice or shouted accusations. She leant closer to Harry and Ginny as though sharing a secret, the sheets she was laying on crumpled and creased.

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Her hand still sunk lower and then squeezed.

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She was still close but not quite touching. He breathed freely again… and rapidly. She followed him down and put one knee on either side of his feet.

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