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It falls just below the navel and above the hips. This dance revolves around sensuality and femininity, not sexuality. Misunderstanding 2: Dancing is just shaking belly? Also, some dances within BD have a typical dress. The Basic Stance of Belly Dancer The basic posture of belly dance include neck, shoulder, arm, chest, Neck : The neck needs to be upright, the head is facing forward, and the top of the head drives the cervical vertebrae and the thoracic vertebrae to extend upward. Nylon is best for sequins and beads, and an elastic thread is best for shoulder straps so you can stretch when dancing. Gowns Beledi dresses Three-piece costume 2.

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The costume and visuals are just one part of the performance, not the entirety of it.

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Do dancers have to show their bellies? The necklace of belly dance has all sorts of styles, give priority to with marked, hyperbole mostly. Any outfit will do as long as it is comfortable.

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