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Gyi said he was instructed to tell the women their videos would never appear online. I didn't want to do it anymore and they said, 'No, you signed a contract, it's only ten more minutes,'" Monica says, noting that she had checked her phone after it was over and saw several hours had passed. They asked her little sister if she would grow up to be a slut like Monica. The indictment mirrors the allegations women have made against Girls Do Porn in civil court. The docket has over 2, entries and contains hundreds of sworn declarations, depositions, and evidence from the women in the form of text messages, emails, recordings, and plane tickets. They made that decision freely and without coercion. Her roommate heard Monica say this and told their resident assistant.

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Sadock said the nude photos were redacted and that they had intended to send the letter to the woman, not her father.

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After she failed out of school, she moved back home, though her mom wasn't speaking to her, and tried to get her degree again. To Monica, the civil trial is a long-awaited chance to feel heard, to feel like she can finally be upset with what they did, instead of hating herself. He stopped once they got in the car.

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