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Because I'd talked to guys who had dildos made, and it seemed like they always got screwed over. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. We just watched your movies! A guy once came up to me and told him that my dildo saved his marriage. His girlfriend's parents were watching porn and saw me. I see a steady flow of money coming in each month.

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This Dad Lives a Double Life as a Porn Star

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Sometimes basically you're taking orders from a cameraman who doesn't have sex that much.

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Seven years into it, New Sensations approached and I said yes. They say to their wife, "I enjoy you being satisfied," but half the time it's basically for them. I turned down first offer because I wasn't sure if it was the right company to work with. I work at the airline with a bunch of blue-collar guys and then walk on set and turn into Shane Diesel, and be the personality they think I am, and then shrug that off again once I leave set.

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