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That building was finished 13 years, five months and six days after the fart of Akbar. After the story turned serious , it is doubtful it will be ever brought up again. The effects: worse foreign relations, and your palace staff gets double pay. Splatterhouse : Wanpaku Graffiti has something of a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment where the player can ruin a geisha's performance by pressing either A or B to fart. Dalton in Chrono Trigger belches farts in the Japanese version after he's hit with the finishing blow, which counts as a party-wide attack. Garfield is a pure belch variant. World of Fizz : Lampshaded in these editions , although other characters are more frequently shown belching or farting than Kelli.

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She's mortified by the noise she makes, and hastily attributes it to the sheer quantity of booze in Bruno's blood.

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I must say he was excellent in the role and the show was a triumph. All that needs to be said is if you find Rikishi farting in the bathroom, stinking it to high heaven, don't stop him. Mulclar, the door repairman from the Garrett, P. Full Japanese name is Houhi Gassen , which also means "farting competitions".

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