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The men are clothed and no explicitly sexual act takes place. Whenever his name was Googled the video popped up, a website was allegedly set up in his name giving out all his details including address and phone number, schools where he was coaching football allegedly were contacted and told that he was gay, a drug addict and a child molester - all untrue. Not surprisingly, such an intimate act has a large fetish community. We've noticed you're adblocking. In the ancient courts of the Han Dynasty the Chinese used tickling to torture the nobility since it left no marks and a victim could recover relatively easily and quickly. Witnesses in the Nazi concentration camps saw guards tickle naked prisoners with goose feathers as the beginning of torture sessions that ended in death.

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Why is tickling a source — often simultaneously — of so much pleasure and pain?

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Anime babes: Anime Tickling OVA

But all this attention has made Tickled one of the year's most controversial films. Not surprisingly, such an intimate act has a large fetish community. Farrier, meanwhile, is adamant that his film is both morally and legally sound - a claim that may be tested by British libel law when Tickled is released in UK cinemas this week.

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